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    This African exfoliating bath sponge popularly known in Nigeria as (SAPO) has been used for centuries in Africa and it is still the most popular today due to its exfoliating power. This exfoliating sponge is used to cleanse the skin by removing dead skin and washing away dirt. It lathers nicely, exfoliates dead skin away, rinses easily and dries quickly to eliminate breeding bacteria and can last you for as long as 2+ years. This is not to be compared to your regular loofa. It is made from Nylon that helps to exfoliate skin while improving blood circulation. The net has a generous length and is very stretchy, making it very easy for you to reach and scrub your back.  When you are done scrubbing, just hang it to dry. Perfect for travelling.

    Do you want a glowing skin? then get your African exfoliating sponge now.



    1. It removes all dead skin cells and sweat that you cannot remove with just your hands
    2. It smooths and softens rough, dry skin
    3. It promotes efficient blood circulation and cell turnover completely