Meet The Owner

Veronica Ifeoma Anya

Born to Nigerian parents, I have always loved the creative world. My passionate love for the world of art finally pulled me deep into the Nigerian movie industry in the year 2004. I had so much fun being an actor. The joy of seeing a scripted story come to live as a film was simply fulfilling.

Even before I went full into actually creating ready to wear outfits for commercial purpose, I had always seen myself helping friends, family and acquaintances  decide on the best style for a particular fabric and the right fabric design for a styles. I got married in the year 2015 and had to move to the United States of America. Before I moved, I had settled in my heart that I wanted nothing but to be my own boss. Then came the thinking stage of what exactly I wanted to do. Whilst I was battling with all the ideas in my head on the exact thing i truly wanted to do, I had people from both my local church and acquaintances always complementing my African Print outfits. It suddenly hit me like a wave of lightening that this is definitely what I should be doing. I then went into the planning stage and finally, with help from artisans back home in Nigeria and Ghana I was able to get my idea off the ground. Yes we had our tough days and made some major mistakes but we keep learning and we keep getting better. We are growing. I return all the glory to God because he has been holding my hands through it all.


I love beautiful things, I love the boldness of the African print and I just love how something beautiful is created from most times nothing. I told myself that I didn’t want to do any other thing but using the African print to create bold and beautiful ready to wear outfits  with global acceptance for Men, Women and Children.




To me, fashion is not complicated and it honestly shouldn’t be. You just need to understand your body type and wear your body what you know will feel like a second skin. good fashion should be easy, understandable and breathable. For every outfit I create I pay attention to making sure you do not feel like you are suffocating.